Take It Outside!

We've heard of all the advantages of getting our kids to spend more time outdoors. Maybe you've read about it in a research article or overheard it amongst friends, the message is clear, outdoor play aides in the healthy development of the whole child. We're very fortunate to have a myriad of program options and … Continue reading Take It Outside!


Make A Recycled Placemat

Don't throw out those greeting cards you received over the Holidays just yet, instead preserve those memories and make recycled placemats for the entire family! Cut the front off each of the cards, set them out in front of you and arrange them as you'd like onto a piece of bristol board, cut to size … Continue reading Make A Recycled Placemat

When Learning Goes Beyond The Pages Of A Book

The Holiday season is such a fantastic opportunity to support growth and development in areas such as social emotional learning and diversity. There are so many great traditions and customs to be explored this time of season from all over the world and endless opportunities to learn more about them, from cooking a traditional holiday … Continue reading When Learning Goes Beyond The Pages Of A Book

The ABC’s on IEP’s

A little while ago we posted an article on 'Navigating Life With A Learning Disability with Shakira Rouse.'  To follow, this week I thought we'd talk more about IEP's or Individualised Education Plans and what it means. This week I'm pleased to have Karen Loewen share her knowledge and experience of IEP's with us. Karen hails … Continue reading The ABC’s on IEP’s

My Holiday Favourites – Maplelea

As tradition would have it, another one of our all time favourite things to do each year is peruse the pages of Holiday catalogues. After all, that is how we build our Holiday Favourites list. And surprise, surprise! Once again Maplelea has made the list of Holiday Favourites this year! I won't mention any names, … Continue reading My Holiday Favourites – Maplelea

You Had Me At “Hello!”

Convenient, time-saving, stress-free, nutritious, kid-friendly, quality, selection and variety, these are only a few of the words I would use to describe the HelloFresh experience. Now, just imagine the anticipation leading up to and the excitement when our first box was delivered, like a kid on Christmas day! Let me just say, not having to … Continue reading You Had Me At “Hello!”

Let’s Keep The Convo Going!

A few weeks ago I uploaded an article entitled: Navigating Life With A Learning Disability with Shakira Rouse. If you haven't already done so, scroll down to read it now. We got the message 'out there' and now it's time to keep the convo going! By keeping the convo going on learning disabilities (LDs) we … Continue reading Let’s Keep The Convo Going!

Creating Invitations to Play

When we create invitations to play, we're setting the 'scene', we present open-ended resources for children to discover, explore, manipulate and investigate, we allow them to be the director of their own play experiences. Creating these invitations to play is neither an expensive or difficult task and with some planning can easily be adapted for … Continue reading Creating Invitations to Play

Navigating Life With A Learning Disability with Shakira Rouse

Each of our children have varying learning styles, needs and wants, learning to identify and better understand these are key in order to provide the right support and properly educate not only families, but those within the field. I'd like to introduce you to Shakira Rouse. Shakira is the creator and founder of Special Compass, … Continue reading Navigating Life With A Learning Disability with Shakira Rouse