The Early Years: Creating a Culture of Literacy

How do we create that culture of literacy? I believe it takes a village; the community, the school and home all working together to educate and support our children and youth and it all starts from as early as birth.

Experts all agree that the early years are the most formative years of a child’s life. Educating parents as early as during pregnancy on the importance of literacy and the early years is a starting point and providing that continuity of care thereafter is vital.

When creating that culture of literacy during the early years producing a print rich environment is merely one piece of the puzzle. Early childhood is about laying the foundation, setting skills for life and when equipped with the appropriate resources such as trained daycare staff, materials, community professionals and quality programming, we all play a key role in the development of these early literacy skills.

The early years is also a time where intervention is key. Identifying needs as they arise and providing the proper treatment plan moving forward can avoid complications in the future.

By investing in the early years we are investing in the future of our children.  Our goal should be to provide the best possible start in life for every child.


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