Planning A Road Trip

Summer’s here and most families are starting to think about and plan summer activities. You’ve got your day trips, play dates and my personal favourite, road trips!

The planning, the packing and then there’s the whole plotting of places to see and things to do along the way and once you get there, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore, discover, grow, play and learn. The following are some activity ideas to incorporate into this experience.

Explore the History:

During the weeks and days leading up to your trip take the kids to visit your local library and find out more about where you plan to visit or have them do their research via the internet. Gives them a sense of the journey.

Read A Map:

While you’re researching the history look up any landmarks you might find along the way and map it out together. Map your entire trip! Use both a paper map and an app such as Google Maps.

Get Inspired, Be Creative:

It’s interesting to see the world through their eyes; from a child’s perspective. Purchase a disposable camera and whilst there have them take tons of photos of things that appeal to them.

Once you return encourage them to create a written or photo journal as a keepsake containing all they saw and experienced.

Road trips can be many things; exhilarating, exciting, crazy, a game of survival, educational, fun…but at the end of the day you’re making memories!!!


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