Upcycling Paint Chips

During the summer months I love to freshen things up around the house and that sometimes means a coat of fresh paint!  When you’re all done choosing colours don’t throw out the paint chips, upcycle them! You can teach anything from math to literacy skills and the arts. Need more paint chips? It’s easy to get your hands on stacks of them, head on down to your local hardware store and stop by the paint department and just ask an associate for any discontinued paint chips you could have.

Here are a few examples of ways you can use them to introduce, reinforce and practice literacy and math skills for kids of ALL ages.

Use them to teach….

  • Ordering numbers from least to greatest and vice versa
  • Contractions
  • Synonyms
  • Skip Counting/Number Patterns
  • Word Families

For older kids you can have them practice two/three-step equations, fractions, have them learn how to develop detailed sentences, procedural writing and so much MORE!!!

Get creative when thinking up new ways to introduce new skills and if you’re looking for additional inspiration, I’m sure if you scour the web you’ll find the possibilities are endless. 


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