Take It Outside!

We've heard of all the advantages of getting our kids to spend more time outdoors. Maybe you've read about it in a research article or overheard it amongst friends, the message is clear, outdoor play aides in the healthy development of the whole child. We're very fortunate to have a myriad of program options and … Continue reading Take It Outside!


Make A Recycled Placemat

Don't throw out those greeting cards you received over the Holidays just yet, instead preserve those memories and make recycled placemats for the entire family! Cut the front off each of the cards, set them out in front of you and arrange them as you'd like onto a piece of bristol board, cut to size … Continue reading Make A Recycled Placemat

Creating Invitations to Play

When we create invitations to play, we're setting the 'scene', we present open-ended resources for children to discover, explore, manipulate and investigate, we allow them to be the director of their own play experiences. Creating these invitations to play is neither an expensive or difficult task and with some planning can easily be adapted for … Continue reading Creating Invitations to Play

Easy to Make Halloween Pumpkin Craft

To date, one of my favourite Halloween craft ideas. Quick and easy set up with minimal clean up, it's also easy on the budget and ideal for all ages and capabilities. You'll need several sheets of tissue paper, we choose some of the more traditional Halloween colours; purple, orange and green (cut the green tissue … Continue reading Easy to Make Halloween Pumpkin Craft

DIY Backyard Games

Looking for a quick and easy DIY backyard game for kids of all ages to enjoy throughout the summer months? How about a fast paced game of Tic-Tac-Toe?! I put this one together last year and it's held up pretty good ever since. I mainly used items I had around the house┬ásuch as leftover tiles … Continue reading DIY Backyard Games

Planning A Road Trip

With summer just around the corner most families are starting to think about and plan summer activities. You've got your day trips, play dates, special excursions and your road trips, I love road trips! The planning, the packing and then there's the whole plotting of places to see and things to do along the way … Continue reading Planning A Road Trip